Helping you delay the onset of a chronic disease through integrative care.

The concept of disease management refers to the reduction of health care costs while improving the quality of patients’ lives by preventing or minimizing the effects of the disease through integrative care. Our disease management programs are tailored to promote the well-being of persons with chronic conditions and reduce associated costs from avoidable complications by identifying and treating chronic conditions more quickly and effectively. Through this, we will be able to help every patient delay the progression of their disease.

Our team offers a proactive, multidisciplinary, systematic approach to health care delivery that:

  • is inclusive to all individuals with one or more chronic diseases
  • supports the provider-patient relationship and care plan
  • Optimizes patient care through prevention and proactive interventions based on evidence-based guidelines
  • incorporates patient self-management
  • includes a continuous evaluation of health status
  • measures outcomes
  • strives to improve overall health and quality of life and lower cost of care
doctor and nurse checking up patient