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Our founder of Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC has over 23 years of trusted healthcare experience and is licensed in 2 states as a Board-Certified Family Nurse practitioner, and Certified Medical Examiner.

Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC staff was established to bridge the gap seen in communities by highlighting preventative wellness, health maintenance and Direct Primary Care (DPC) model primary care services. We proudly cater to and care for all patients aging 18 months and up.

We believe while healthcare is necessary, it should also be accessible, attainable, affordable and convenient.  Our founder brings such a diverse level of clinical healthcare expertise, ranging from acute care, hospital medicine, pediatrics, urgent care, international travel health, skilled nursing, and outpatient primary care.

Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC ~ offers virtual “telehealth services” from the comfort of your home. We are committed to keeping you safe, feeling heard and receiving dedicated healthcare services. Convenient care, for acute care of illness, chronic care management, medication refills sent directly to your pharmacy. **Some pharmacies will deliver to your home**

Why Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC?

Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC offers:  Direct Primary Care as a  innovative model of offering healthcare services for patients who are employed and simply cannot afford the HIGH deductibles HIGH insurance premiums. In comparison to a monthly gym membership with unlimited visits and low cost for lab test. 

We believe that prevention is certainly key; therefore, we aim to provide resources, education, and evidence-based information. At Brighter Health & Primary Care LLC, we promote healthy lifestyle choices for all ages. We strive to be an affordable, efficient provider to meet your healthcare needs.

The Facility

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exemplary healthcare services in a family-centered environment. We firmly embrace the concept of comprehensive care from 18 months and above.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading innovative health & wellness service provider in the metro Atlanta area which focuses on relationship building, treatment and health optimization by providing accessible healthcare services.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is shared by all our staff, from providers to the front office concierge. We value the relationships with our families who have entrusted us with caring for them. We enjoy inclusivity, diversity, and individualized  caring for everyone by assuring each patient is cared for, one patient at a time.

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