Benefits of Membership

Brighter Health and Primary Care will serve clients without insurance.

All of our members who participate in our membership will pay a monthly fee. The clients that benefit of membership have a subscription and get unprecedented access to their provider through quick appointments, email consultations, annual physicals, and longer consultations.
This will prevent the headache of co-pays, deductibles, billing insurance, or any other hidden costs

Under the monthly membership plan: you pay a flat monthly membership fee, usually around the size of your cell phone bill. You can pay with your credit card — no more clipboards with pages of insurance paperwork.

  • Direct AccessTo Your Doctor

    Text, call, email, and video-chat directly with your doctor.

  • Same-day orNext-day Visits

    Convenient scheduling and no more waiting to see the doctor when needed.

  • ExtendedAppointments

    30-60 minute appointments for more thorough care.

  • PersonalizedCare

    Smaller practice size for more personalized and higher quality care.

  • Discount Imaging,Labs, Medications

    Transparent, wholesale pricing for additional services when needed.

  • No Co-pays OrOffice Fees

    Unlimited visits and no more surprise bills or hidden fees.

Same Day And Next Day Appointments

Most appointments can be scheduled within 24 to 48 hours of the patient’s request to be seen via telemedicine or in person.

Extended Time With Your Provider

Appointments are typically 10-15 minutes but can go as long as 45. Your HEALTH is our priority, and that’s the focus of each visit. We are here to ensure you are happy and healthy.

Before we get started: ALL members are required to pay a one-time, NON-REFUNDABLE Enrollment fee of $99. This will be separate from your first month’s payment. Family Discounts are available.

Join the Monthly Membership Plan

No health Insurance copays/deductibles to meet: Affordable, Convenient, Reliable
Unlimited Visits: Discount Labs/procedures
  • 18-39 years old$79.00
  • 40-65 years old$99.00
  • 65 & older$119.00
*Rx refill, patient portal (private messaging), Triage service, Complimentary yearly Annual exam with labs included, telemedicine visits (Webcam, Zoom), FREE monthly wellness topic newsletter, quarterly wellness & prevention classes*


  • 4 in office visits per month
  • 10% discount lab collection
  • 1 on 1 wellness planning
  • 3 Telehealth visits (Monthly)


  • 6 in office visits per month
  • 15% discount lab collection
  • 1 on 1 wellness planning
  • 6 Telehealth visits (Monthly)
  • One Monthly Vitamin B12 injection


  • Unlimited office visits per month
  • 50% discount lab collection
  • 1 on 1 wellness planning
  • Unlimited Telehealth visits
  • 2 Monthly Vitamin B12 injection

Weight Loss Membership

Package Includes Monthly

  • Weekly weight loss (Semaglutide )injection w/ B12
  • Weekly Lipo-Skinny Shot Injections
  • Monthly Meal Plan Guide
  • Monthly Weigh-ins
  • Weekly Workout Plan (gym or in-home)

EXTRA Membership Bonus

  • One free service every 3 months
  • Referral program- earn free services with client referral
  • Discounts towards 2 products- 25% OFF
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Monthly Weight Loss Membership – $450 per Month

  • All Memberships require a card to remain on file for the duration of the membership
  • Cards will automatically be charged monthly for membership service
  • All services must be used within the month of service
  • Unused services will not roll over to the next month
  • Membership not transferable
  • Membership can be canceled after 60 days and must be canceled in writing by emailing to info@brighterhealthprimarycare.com.
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